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  • Organization of business processes

    Digital AgroTech MHP

    «Digital AgroTech MHP» is a software complex for the operational collection and analysis of data on the condition of crops, control over the performance of field work and compliance with the optimal technology of agricultural production. Navigation and field overviews: • Electronic crop map, crop rotation journal, measurements. • A tool for collecting and analyzing data on the state of crops, determining the risk parameters of crops with reference to geo-positioning. • Estimates of the impact on the overall result - analytical reporting on development phases, the presence of pests, diseases, weeds. • Weather conditions: current data and forecasts. Technological works and material accounting: • formation of operational tasks (technology, list and scope of work, equipment, TMC, standards). • provision of automatic collection of actual data from the equipment (estimated areas of cultivation, linked to actual field contours, quality indicators, depth of soil treatment, speed of operation by equipment, weather conditions). • a convenient interface for quickly entering data on the use of materials and evaluating work performance. • plan-fact of completed works; real-time performance reports for prompt response and management decision-making. Agro-ecological passport of the field: • Creation of an electronic database of characteristics, applied technologies, parameters of impact on productivity • Accumulation of historical data on fields and crops for the possibility of choosing the optimal technology for each field based on previous experience.

  • Organization of business processes

    Digital Waybill MHP

    Software complex of the Digital MHP platform for conducting electronic document flow for the delivery of goods from crops, warehouses - to various destinations (warehouses, elevators, warehouses of counterparties, etc.) for automated control of transport flights, management of transport logistics.

  • Organization of business processes

    Digital Planning MHP

    Digital Planning - The most important and complex part of the system. Given data from Digital Agro Digital Waybill and given external forecasting parameters, such as fertilizer prices in a year or three, share rentals, equipment purchases, or a task to switch crops, Digital Planning will plan plantings, costs and EBIDTA in a range of up to 5 years. The system will be able to plan which fields to sow, taking into account many conditions: applied herbicides of previous years, sevosmen, laboratory soil analysis, planned set of crops and area yields for past years, and much more.

  • Organization of business processes

    MHP Sales

    Mobile application for automation of sales processes and operational remote access to information of accounting system SAP S/4 HANA Mobile application has the following functionality: • Creation/change of quotation for shipment are integrated in 'quotation' document in SAP; • Possibility to create a new quotation by copying or editing the previous one; • History of Customer's quotations; • Tracking status of a quotation; • Information about the limit of commodity credit. • Viewing the Accounts Receivable by the Customer • Control of accounts receivable at the time of the creation of the Quotation • Viewing the limit of commodity credit and the amount of LCC used by the Customer • Control over the limit of commodity credit • Viewing leftovers at warehouses • Creating Return Quotations • Display of blocked Quotations for shipment due to excess of the commodity credit limit and availability of OAR • Unblocking of blocked Quotations • Control the quantity of product ordered by price activity • Analysis of OD and COD by viewing the «Sales Order» which form the debt; • Analytical reporting: • Sales plan-fact; • Sales plan for materials (Plan by SKU); • Plan for sales channels and clients (Plan by PL); • Critical stock report (Critical stock); • Price Activity report (Price Activity). • Schedule for visiting by sales agent at sales point (Client's); • «Check in» by sales agent at sales point (Client's). • Cash Van Sales.

  • Organization of business processes


    The only application for the convenient work of a top manager using the iPad. - Single point of access to information; - Consideration and discussion of issues on protected data transmission channels; - Planning, formation of assignments, control of discipline, etc.

  • Organization of business processes

    MMK (АРМ)

    The position of a manager for a large manufacturing company. Under control: - Money and finances; - Management of business processes; - Production and technologies; - Sales and supply.

  • Organization of business processes


    Internal application for structure and personnel management. An effective tool for: - Organization of work with personnel; - Control of employee indicators; - Analysis of resumes of candidates;

  • Real estate


    Tools for real estate fund management. - Wide range of possibilities for creating a real estate catalog; - Detailed information for tenants; - 3-D tours of each object; - Market analysis, price and profit calculation.

  • Real estate

    Рroperty management

    Tools for managing non -residential real estate objects. - Filtration by all types of non -residential real estate; - Connection of geo-services; - Market analysis and profit calculation.

  • Real estate

    Clever RE

    Mobile application for real estate search in Kyiv. Full base with direct contacts. - Clever Real Estate (CRE) is the first mobile application and CRM for brokers. It speeds up the transaction process to 6 times. - CRE effectively helps manage all real estate sales to individuals, brokers, real estate agencies, developers, and developers. - It's a complete and clean real estate database with no takes or fakes with direct contacts. - Effective record structure: objects, clients, requests, jobs, reports - Industry. CRM system with different levels of functional agent-broker-director. - Analytics and action algorithms to improve the efficiency of each agent and team in general. - Maximum efficiency for corporate customer sales management.

  • Services

    Terapia plus

    Mobile application for health monitoring. We have implemented: - Individual health record recording diary; - Analysis of physical condition indicators; - Notification of medication intake; - Search for the nearest pharmacies and compare the cost of drugs.

  • For IOS and Android

    Interactive fairy tales.

    "Living" books with interactive elements. - Multitouch technology. - The technology of recording your cartoon with the heroes of the fairy tale. - Fun animations and mini-games. - Professional voice acting.

  • Services


    Application for customers of the AVIAS gas station network. We connected: - Search service for the nearest gas station; - Construction of the route to the selected point; - Fuel cost calculation module; - An attractive environment for upselling.

  • Services


    Catalog of inspected catering establishments. In one application: - News feed; - Construction of the route to institutions; - User reviews; - Inspection order; - Tools for responsible brand promotion.

  • Services


    The app for modern dating. We took care of: - intuitive interface; - Broad functionality for finding people nearby; - Integration with other services.

  • Services


    Application for surveying conference participants. The following are available in it: - Intuitive interface; - Administrative panel with wide possibilities for publishing surveys; - Tools for analyzing survey results.

  • Tourism

    ASK QR

    System for selling tours using QR codes. Everything you need for convenient booking has been packed: - Tour catalog with a detailed description; - Information about the place by QR code; - Adding any multimedia content; - Offline map; - Calculation of the duration of the route.

  • Tourism

    Ask Guide Kiev

    Thematic author's walks around the city from experienced guides. Professional tour in a smartphone: - Information in several formats: audio, text and video; - Actor voiceover of walks; - Offline map for comfortable use of the application. * The design of the AskGUIDE program is a finalist of the Ukrainian Design: The Very Best Of competition.

  • Tourism

    Ask Guide Weekend

    Author's weekend walks Weekend in the city under control: - Intuitive interface; - Offline map and geo-services; - Calculation of the duration of the walk; - Additional features for each tour.

  • web development


    Fashion magazine A platform that guarantees transparency and security of online auctions. We have developed a comprehensive solution for conducting online auctions that combines frontend, backend and UI/UX design.

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